Thursday, 6 November 2008

The new addition to the family

Ha, got you there! It's not another doglet but a new toy for Andy. For some reason the nice blue, perfectly fine motorcycle sitting in the garage isn't good enough. So after deep and lengthy discussion (read into that what you will) a new motorcycle will be taking up residence in my grooming room - i.e. the garage. I hope it doesn't take up too much more space than the current resident. You can read about the new arrival here.

The positive side of this purchase is that it buys me one heck of a lot of credit. See charter below (click to enlarge.)

The charter states: "exemption from all derogatory comments with regard to purchase of canine merchandise"

So, I have started in the way that I mean to continue. This week's purchases for my little doglets:

Niamh modelling her new Obtrack Skrylle Dog Coat

Niamh modelling her new Rogz Chocolate & Pink Harness (every day walks)

Zeki modelling her new ID disc. It's pink to match her new pink collar which Karen bought her. This means Kizzy can have her little purple disc back for her purple collar (also bought by Karen). Zeki has been borrowing the disc until we sorted out her own pink one! She is also wearing her new Rogz pink harness but you can only see a tiny bit of it. It is very smart.

Not a recent purchase I know, but I thought I'd put a picture on the blog of Niamh wearing her agility harness. This is really good for Niamh at shows because it comes off easily and she is much less nervous when wearing it. She is hardly ever aggressive towards other dogs since I started using the harnesses instead of head collars. She obviously feels more confident and in control. You can buy labels for the harnesses. You just pick from a drop down list on the web site. Niamh had "Girl Power" and "Monster".

As a surprise, Michael our next door neighbour who is very talented and does lots of stuff, he's amazing actually, made bespoke labels for Niamh's harness. One of his skills is industrial type sewing (car upholstery etc).

Now it's official, she really is NAUGHTY NIAMH! I was right all along!
I have more to spend as I haven't yet bought anything of substance for Poppy. I am looking at new beds. Watch this space!

Lastly (for now), the charter states: "Daily early morning tea with newspaper, mobile (and laptop when available.)"

So sometime next week, this will be arriving - yes it's a pink laptop. This means I can sit in bed and catch up with my various forum visits and blogging when my tea is brought to me each morning !


  1. WWWWWWaaaaaaaa I wanna pink lap top too !!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I have read that post a zillion times and havent stopped smiling. The pink laptop makes a difference - one of my colleagues just got a pink one aswell and its much better than all the other ones at work :o) I want one. In purple or yellow though!!!!!

  3. You forgot and any other reasonable or otherwise instruction, & all I had to do was promise I could afford mine! :)

  4. I wish I had made Steve to a charter like that when he bought his very very expensive Honda Goldwing trike last year. Shucks its a bit late now..bother. Great post Nancy,it had me in fits of laughter.