Monday, 10 November 2008

It's pouring down

What a miserable Monday. It rained here most of yesterday but uckily I was away at a training day and we had only about half an hour's rain right at the end of the session. I was very cold when I got home but luckily Andy had the wood burner alight so I could warm up. Poor Andy couldn't take his new toy out for a ride as it was so wet here.

It rained all night long and we woke up to torrential rain this morning. It is still pouring down now (5.30 pm). I went into Tunbridge Wells at lunch time to get my hair cut and the roads were flooding then. I noticed the lake forming in the big field next to us so we're keeping our fingers crossed that the ditches keep flowing and that the culvert under the road doesn't block up. I keep checking that the back lawn isn't forming a puddle as that was the first sign of the flood we had back in February. The weather forecast is better for the rest of the week so hopefully it'll dry up a bit.

I really couldn't face walking the dogs today so instead they have all been groomed and I've done some clicker training with each of mine. I have started to teach a new trick to Zeki and Niamh (to jump through my arms). It's only just started and Zeki is picking it up quite quickly. I have them sitting at my side and form a circle with my arms which they have to jump through. It's a bit risky with Niamh as she tends to batter me as she lunges through. In addition I started to teach Niamh to about turn and offer me a back paw and I also progressed Zeki's roll over and sit up and beg. All are coming along nicely.

I even did some clicker bits with Poppy. She isn't clicker trained like my others but I have played around with it from time to time and she does have a basic understanding. Today we worked on getting her to make eye contact with me rather than looking at her treat pot. She picked this up really quickly and then we finished by getting her to touch her nose to an upturned box of tissues. She really enjoyed it and is now fast asleep under my desk.

I was entered at North Downs show on Saturday but decided not to go. I really am not a fan of indoor shows. I hate the noise and the lack of space. That said, North Downs has a very nice venue and is one of the better indoor events. I'm glad I didn't go as I had a nice relaxing day at home and did a few bits of training with my girls and then took all the dogs out for a really long walk .... and got absolutely soaked!

Strictly Come Dancing, my favourite t.v. show is now half way through. I am cross that John Sarjeant is still in the competition. He is a very nice man but he is a useless dancer and the stupid public keep voting him in. It isn't a "nicest person" competition; it's a dance competition and by keeping him in better dancers are being evicted. Grrrhhh, it makes me very cross.


  1. Ha ha ha re John Seargent he needs to GO OUT made me see red too !! x

  2. Lol John in SCD is the funniest thing ever!

    By the way Niamh's coat looks very smart, is it a special one?? Like, does it keep her extra warm or something... it looks cool!

  3. I nearly did a whole blog entry just on the John Sargeant issue....he should do the decent thing and bow out before someone who actually has a chance of winning gets in the dance off and can;t be saved just cos people are too stupid to realise that some people are actually trying to be dancers!!!!I know British like an underdog BUT we also like it when people 'do the right thing'. Imagine how he'd be loved by the public if he did just that!Hrumpph. Hx