Monday, 3 November 2008

Another weekend flies by

Well, the weekend was quite mixed. On Saturday I managed a dry lesson and as we walked back down to the house the rain started and so it continued for the whole day. It was really miserable and cold. I lit the wood burner and me and the dogs snuggled up for a day by the fire. I confess they didn't get a walk on Saturday as it was just too wet and cold. Instead we played different games indoors and I think every toy from both toy boxes was brought out and played with. Andy was rather wet and cold when he got home from helping Dennis to remove some old decking. We're going to re-use the decking outside our summer house so it wasn't just out of the kindess of his heart he was helping :)

Sunday was a much better day and Andy managed to catch up with some work which he needed to get ready for a client meeting this week. Then we tackled the attic room which had once again become a dumping ground. The room looks reasonable again now but we were reminded about how much we need to do (and spend) to get it up to a really good standard with an en-suite. We want to do it to add value plus it's such a waste of a lovely view. We don't use the room and the view is absolutely lovely, we never get to see it because we live downstairs.

The view from upstairs, not very good as it was raining. I'll try to remember to do another shot on a sunny day (whenever that might be!)

I was booked into Downland agility show today but decided not to go as there is quite a bit of kennel cough around and I think indoor shows are quite high risk, especially at this time of year. That coupled with the fact that I really don't like the venue made me decide to stay away. It's probably being over cautious but I prefer not to take the risk. I can't decide yet whether or not to go to North Downs next weekend.

As mentioned in the previous post, Kizzy was two years old on Sunday. I can't believe where the time has gone. She is still as gorgeous as ever and is the perfect little princess in all ways. As you can see not much has changed in two years!

Spring 2007

Spring 2008

I think we have a theme here!

Kizzy had lots of treats yesterday including several Burns pork scratchings, a whole digestive biscuit, special breakfast, special dinner and an extra long walk. Here is a little picture of her and Andy as we were coming to the end of the walk. The sunset was gorgeous but I'd forgotten my camera so this was the best I could do with the mobile.

Kizzy on her birthday with Andy and a lovely sunset in the background

We were out for about 2.5 hours and all the dogs including Zeki were really tired when we got home. We actually got to watch the Strictly Come Dancing result in relative peace. They woke up soon after that and out came all the toys. Here is a picture of Niamh after she had finished playing with all her favourite chewy toys and her beloved Prongo. She often sleeps like this, I cannot believe it can be comfortable with her foot tucked under in this way. She gathers all the toys around her before she goes to sleep just in case someone else might steal them whilst she's not watching.

Naughty Niamh surrounded by her toys

Both Zeki and Kizzy love the wood burner and hog the hearth when it's alight. Sometime we have to drag Zeki away as she lays right on the hearth and gets extremely hot. Poppy also loves the warmth but she gets a bit scared if a log makes a popping noise and tends to stay away. However, when we were clearing out the attic room we found Abbey's old fleece. Abbey adored the fleece and we used to put it in her bed for her to lie on. Well, I was going to take it to Oxfam but then decided I couldn't part with it so Andy suggested we lay it in front of the fire for the shelties. We put it down and Poppy got up and had a good sniff and then lay down on the fleece. It made me cry as I'm sure she could smell Abbey on there. She really does miss her old friend and it makes me so sad as Poppy is such a sweet little dog and they were so lovely together.

Little Pops fast asleep on Abbey's fleece - hopefully dreaming of one of their walks together!

"I just woke up; where am I?" Poppy with her little trademark crispy tongue!

All in all a pleasant weekend despite some grotty weather. The week ahead isn't looking brilliant apart from tomorrow (Tuesday). I love the winter but only when it's crispt and cold; not soggy and wet and cold!

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  1. My old Mist also used to suffer from the same crispy tongue condition as dear Pops - cute eh?!