Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Watford & Bretons

I didn't go to Watford as the weather forecast wasn't good and I didn't think it would be too fair to little Zeki being stuck in the car all day. Andy went off by himself and had a very good day with Kizzy getting 1st in G1-4 Agility and 2nd in G1-4 Jumping. Unfortunately Kizzy had a pole down in the mini mixi pairs (ran with Karen and Todd) otherwise they would have got a nice place as Todd was clear. Kizzy really took a tumble but was fine afterwards.

On Sunday we all went to Bretons and had a lovely day as the weather was much nicer. It was quite blustery but compared with the weather further north we were very lucky.

Andy and Kizzy had a nearly run in the 3-5 agility class - Andy pulled Kizzy off a tunnel right at the end of the course which was a real shame. In her G1-3 jumping she did a lovely run and won the class. Andy and Karen had a special pairs class that day: Karen and Todd just had a couple of little glitches in what was otherwise a lovely run and Kizzy did one of her best rounds yet (IMO!)

Naughty Niamh was a good girl and ran clear in her pairs, got 9th in the G6/7 agility and would have had a nice place in the G6/7 jumping but for a pole down. This was my fault as I didn't handle the sequence as I'd planned (what's new?) I ran pairs with Dan and Tig and they were going really well until Tig decided a jump was a more attractive option than the tunnel he should have taken. I think Dan didn't call his name but used a turn command instead and it was probably not enough with hindsight. I love to watch Tig weave, he is one of the most self-motivated dogs in the weave poles that I've seen!

After we'd finished all our runs we sat around at the back of the cars taking it in turns to get different dogs out for a play. Zeki was out the whole time and Poppy had a lovely afternoon training everyone to play with her! It was a really nice day out, an old fashioned agility show with no pressure just good courses, good company and a lot of fun!

Here is a video from Bretons - turn up the volume for Jay's special commentary as Andy and Karen are setting up for their pairs round. Bad Jay - I did ask Karen's permission to include this in the video!!


  1. Congratulations!! Fab runs from Niamh, Kizzy and Toddie.

  2. Poppy did not train me play with her we were having a lovely time it was all the others she had eating out of her paw :)