Monday, 28 July 2008

Garden Update

We're still working on the garden in different little areas. We have (that's the royal we) started to create a bog garden. Andy our gardener is bringing us cuttings of plants from his bog garden plus we've moved some plants from other areas of the garden into this new project. It's very much work in progress but I think it will be lovely one day. Andy found loads of iron stone in the garden and has used it in the bog garden and also to create a water feature in our fish pond. We had a pathetic little pump that barely trickled into the pond. Now we have a lovely waterfall made from iron stone and the lovely sound of water to boot.

Here are some pictures and a little video of the water feature. Next project is the long border (see photo and what a mess it is!) plus the rose over the archway needs major attention. It's all good fun I just wish more time was available!

The new bog garden - work in progress

Part of the long border. Needs much work to re-structure the planting.

The archway which needs a good haircut and re-tying.

Finally, the water feature -turn up your sound to get the full effect. I love this as I can hear it through the stable door into the kitchen and from the small sitting room. Very relaxing.


  1. I haven't checked in until today. I'm so sorry about Abbey. Your tribute was lovely; what a wonderful life you shared with her. . .

  2. I love the sound of running water, the only problem is I now need to go to the loo :)

  3. Your water feature is lovely and guess what I WANT ONE :0))

  4. What a wonderful practical man you have Nancy!! I have one of those too, but it seems I have to wait a lot longer for stuff to be done than you do.........!! :-(