Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Zeki out and about

Today I took Zeki into Edenbridge. She has been into town before but only in my arms. Tomorrow she can officially go on the floor so I thought I'd be safe doing so today. I know she's been on the floor at dog shows and a couple of other places but I'm still a bit old fashioned and don't like to push my luck.

We parked in the tannery yard car park and walked out onto the high street and up Church Street and through the graveyard. I took the opportunity to tie her up outside the church to take a photo. It's a nice safe spot to tie her up without any traffic or distractions (not that I'd tie my dog up and leave it anyway, it's just something I like them to get used to!)

Then we walked through the market yard and up one side of the high street, stopping off for a visit to Bradfords Household store for a walk round the shop and a cuddle with Mary and one of her shop assistants. Mary lives next door but one to us so she already knows Zeki.

After this we walked back down the other side of the road. I had a nose in the estate agents and noticed that my old cottage was up for sale. The cottage is right in the high street next door to the agents so I'd spotted the board. It was nice to look at the pictures in the window and see the interior of the cottage. It's the same kitchen I put in but it's been painted. I can't believe the same oven is still in place. I left that cottage some 20 years ago! The garden looks lovely, much as I left it. Made me feel quite sad as I thought of my Mum helping me to create the garden out of a building site and also reminded me of Lizzie my first dog. That was where she lived.

Anyway, after reminising we carried on down the high street and stopped off at the middle pet shop to say hello and then called into the Council Offices which are in a beautiful old building called Doggets Barn. All the office workers came out to meet Zeki and I've promised to take Kizzy back to see them as they want to see how Zeki will look when she's grown up. One of the ladies is very keen to get a sheltie. We're going back on Thursday with both shelties, it's a good day to go down the town as it's market day and very busy.

Next we wandered further down and popped into the other Bradfords shop which has all sorts of stuff including a pet department. This was Zeki's favourite shop as they have tubs of bones and chewies everywhere!

Finally we walked across the old stone bridge and had a wander into the field before returning back to the car park past the old mill. This is Zeki posing on one of the huge weights which used to form part of the mechanics of the water mill.

She was totally unfazed at being on the floor with the cars rumbling past (it must be quite different feeling the vibration of the vehicles in the ground compared with when she was in my arms). She barked at a dog sitting in one of the antique shops and at her own reflection in a few shop windows. She also barked when she'd had enough of stopping one place as she wanted to move on and find new things to explore. She got fussed by lots of people and was very happy to be cuddled and stroked. All in all, a very pleasant hour. She is now fast asleep in her bed, upside down as usual!


  1. Keep it up; shelties need loads of this type of thing for the first 6 months. Tell Andy he needs a new office worker you are too busy training your new puppy. :-)

  2. Awwwh...she looks absolutely scrumptious :o) I cant wait to see her again!!! Upside down sleeping gene comes from Grandfather Monty...

  3. Sounds like she is getting a really good start! Sorry no comment before - doing this through work (shh!) as my internet at hme keeps closing down (again) when I access your blog...grr. Hx