Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Kizzy at Hinckley

We had a lovely weekend at Hinckley. The showground was not quite as impressive as the previous venue but very nice all the same.

Kizzy had only three runs over the whole weekend which was a bit disappointing for Andy. We found out whilst there that there was another show on (a bit further up the M1) which he could have gone to and had four runs per day!

Anyway, on the Saturday she had just one run which was good and bad. She isn't always committing to obstacles and if Andy moves she darts round the far side of wings to catch him up. This is really what happened in Saturday's round.

On Sunday she was brilliant. In her Small Olympia qualifier G1-7 she just dropped out of the places (she was eleventh and only ten places awarded) and in her G1-7 jumping she got eliminated because Andy didn't quite get an angle right and so she took a jump in the wrong direction. She is really getting into her tug before and after each round and this is getting stronger all the time. Andy has stopped using food around the agility rings completely and without doubt this has had a positive effect on her tugging and drive.

Here is her little video of the good rounds (the bad are staying hidden for the time being!)


  1. Cor flippin 'eck she is flying!!!!! What a difference a month makes!!!

  2. she sure is looking good Andy much more confident (kizzy that is !!)

  3. Nasty, Nasty Judge Eeing her in that jumping run ..... actually, I think I recall hearing exactly that from the ringside!
    I thought she looked stunning in that run actually - she did all of the much harder bits perfectly.