Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Kizzy at Thames 2008

We had a lovely long weekend at Thames agility show. We were allowed to camp from Thursday as we helped to set up the rings on Friday. It was great to have the extra time away and the club provided us all with a lovely lunch on Friday for helping to set up. Very nice indeed.

Well, Kizzy had a good weekend. She had some 'nearly' rounds in her two qualifiers (Eukanuba and KC Olympia). In the Eukanuba round we're not really sure why she didn't take the see-saw and think it's just a baby thing where she's not always committing to obstacles if Andy takes off. In the KC Olympia qualifier Andy didn't handle the box before the seesaw as he walked the course and put in a very late rear cross at the seesaw which is definitely what pulled her off. He wishes he'd stayed top side of the seesaw and front crossed after but never mind!

In her Graded 3-7 jumping on Saturday she got first place (winning by 5 seconds and ahead of the G4 and 5 winners.) Andy was really happy with this result because it was quite a tricky course. Then on Sunday in her Graded 3-5 jumping she came 2nd, it was an unusual course with a long run back from the weaves to the tunnel which we didn't think she would cope with but she did it pretty well only losing a little time and also on a wide turn. Still, no complaining a first and second is very acceptable!

She's a little star! Here are some pictures and her video of the weekend.

Photo of our little star with her proud dad, photo courtesy of Grandad Dennis!

Kizzy weaving - thanks to Lynn for this picture!

Kizzle about to turn (photo by Dennis)

Lovely shot of Kizzy in full flight, another one from Lynn - thank you!


  1. She was a very good little girl and it was a real shame about the seesaw in the Olympia but the rest was lovely. She looks a different dog recently, much more confident.

  2. Wow! You are really coming together as a team!!!!! Well done Andy & Kizzy.

  3. Well done you two you are running so well together x

  4. I know I saw it in person; but she looks even better seeing it again!

  5. Go Kizzy, go! Excellent stuff! Well done to you both.

    Of course, she doesn't have much to live up to with her relative's recent performances, does she? ;-)

  6. WOW! Fantastic!! Very well done Andy and Kizzy!! More to come!!