Monday, 26 March 2007

What have we been up to

We've been very busy lately hence lack of posts to the blog! Lots of time taken up with visits to Mum who is improving albeit very slowly. We're still not sure how well she'll be at the end of the day but she has come out of the coma.

I've done three training days in the last two weekends which I thoroughly enjoy but which totally wipe me out! Last weekend was a lovely day at Sue Dennison's with a great bunch of people and dogs. As a bonus the weather was glorious and I actually ended up with sun burn!

This Saturday I was near Oxford on Saturday doing a session for Wallingford Club and then near Faversham on Sunday doing one with Amanda Pigg for Southern Border Collie Club. Both were great fun with lovely people and dogs but very hard work as there were many levels and sizes of dogs to train. I had a 3.5 hour journey home on Saturday as there was an accident on the motorway and then had to be up early for the SBCC training day which felt like getting up in the middle of the night as the clocks had gone forward! What a weekend to agree to two training days!

Kizzy is just starting to sprout some shiny coat - to go with her new teeth we think! She is full of herself and incredibly naughty. She has so much energy it's amazing! Luckily the weather has been a bit nicer so she's had quite a bit of time out in the back yard and loves nothing better than teasing the collies by stealing their toys and then running into spaces they can't infiltrate!

At home her best friend is Poppy. They play really well together although sometimes Kizzy gets a little wild. Poppy deserves a medal for the patience she shows. Mostly Andy walks his three together and I walk mine. We find it calmer and more enjoyable than always trying to walk six dogs. When out walking Kizzy's hero is Murphy. She's still on an extender lead when walking with the other dogs as we're ultra careful with our pups in terms of them not over-exercising at an early age or being run over by the big dogs. Consequently Andy spends most of his walk impersonating a maypole! He reckons the local dog walkers think he's madder than ever!

Abbey is doing really well. She has come right back to her old self and is once again really enjoying her walks and acting the fool and barking a lot. Bernadette warned us about noisy shelties but believe me our sheltie will never match Abbey!

We have taken delivery of our new caravan. It's really lovely but so far we haven't found time to pack it. This is getting worrying as the Easter Celebration show is now less than two weeks away! We must find half a day to disgorge the contents of our old caravan from the garage and into the new one!

This coming weekend we have Scunthorpe show. With 5.5 dogs (sorry Kiz) it's easier for us to drive up and down in a single day. This means getting up at around 3.30 am on Saturday morning to make sure we arrive soon after 7.00 am. It's a long day but it's always a show we enjoy. It's at lovely venue with good classes and wonderful catering. One of our favourites but such a long way!!

Amongst all this we are in the process of trying to tie up a deal to move house. We have offered against a property and accepted an offer on ours. But, nothing is final until the fat lady sings. After the two consecutive training days, I'm almost out of voice!! No comments will be accepted on this statement!

We plan to take the video and camera to Scunny so will hopefully have some piccies to post!


  1. Thanks for the updates :o) Cant wait to see new photoes of Kizzy!!!

    Johanna & co

  2. Glad things seem to be looking up for you guys at last !! Will see you both at scunthorpe x