Thursday, 15 March 2007

Glorious Day for a walk

We all went for a walk together at lunch time. Once the big dogs have calmed down Kizzy is safe to walk with them under supervision. Mostly she is on her extender lead but for ten minutes or so we put Niamh and Becky on the lead (the two mad ones) and allow her a little bit of freedom to rummage around with the others who are much calmer.

We went to Eridge Forest which is our usual walk and it was absolutely glorious, not a cloud in the sky. Abbey enjoyed her walk today, we kept things at a very leisurely pace for her.

Kizzy is teething at the moment and her left ear has dropped, we're hoping it will sort itself out when her big teeth are all through. I joined her with teething problems today, one of my back teeth broke and I had to go to the dentist for an emergency repair. It was horrible. I needed to get if fixed before Saturday in time for the training day I'm doing at Sue Dennison's. I'm looking forward to that and as a bonus the weather is looking good!

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