Friday, 2 March 2007


I was out on my dog walk this morning and happened to look round to make sure Abbey was following (sometimes she gets involved in a sniff and then panics and runs off looking for me usually in the wrong direction). Anyway, thank god I looked round because she was dragging her rear end and staggering along trying to catch up with me. I ran back to her and she just collapsed on the floor. I checked her eyes and they weren't oscillating but I still thought she'd had a stroke. I managed to get her back to the car, part walking her and part carrying her. I called Andy and he rang our vet, Jim who said to bring her straight in. Luckily he isn't far from where I walk.

He was due to go out on farm visits but cancelled so that he could see Abbey. I just don't know what we'd do without him. We hooked her up to the ECG machine and he confirmed that she'd suffered a heart attack. Her blood pressure was also pretty unstable. Jim gave her a jab of something which I can't remember the name of to help stabilise things. She also has Vetmedin to take. She began to recover whilst I was there and by the time we left she was looking pretty good and walking much better. She's going back early next week for more tests once she's settled down. Jim is going to do a chest x-ray amongst other tests.

Right now, she's curled up asleep under my desk on one of her many beds and seems very content. She'll be thirteen exactly one month from today and I'm praying she gets over this glitch.

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