Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some more pictures from my walks

Beautiful Tidal Wave proving she can sit and wait .....

In the distance you can see Andy to the right of the tree, with a little blob behind him (Kizzle), a bigger blob in front (Murphy) and to the left of the tree and bushes a little red blob (Pop in her Hurtta coat).  Becky must have been bhined the bushes!

The lovely house we pass on our walk each day

The Naughty Niamh in the mud, her favourite place!

Closer shot of Niamh, you can see the flood water behind her in the distance

The last bit of dry ground before we go into wading rather than walking mode!

Kick my toy or I will shout at you!

Last warning, I'm building up to a big bark here!

That's it, lost control of my mouth .....

The result of Naughty Niamh's mud games

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