Friday, 20 April 2012

Spring garden and strange sighting

It has been so wet and I think we have quite a bit more rain to come.  We were booked into Wallingford for one day this weekend by I don't much like Newbury in the rain so have decided to stay home.  We've been quite busy this week so I'm really looking forward to lighting the fire and catching up with some t.v. with a glass of wine.  Shortly off to walk the dogs so hopefully they will be nice and tired and will chill out by the fire too!

Managed to get some pictures of the garden to cheer the blog up.  The garden is loving the current spell of wet weather and I think it shows.

For a couple of weeks now a little Blue Tit has been visiting our garden and we noticed it has an extra long beak.  We have sent a picture to this organisation as they like to keep track of weird things like this.

Here is a picture of our little feathered friend and some of the garden:

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