Sunday, 29 May 2011

Show update

The agility show season is now in full swing and since my last update we have been to Easter Celebration , Vyne, Beacon and Tunbridge Wells shows.

Zeki's first champ class was at Vyne and I made a stupid mistake in the jumping round and got eliminated. We then went on to do a good run in the agility leg with a ketschker turn from #2 to #3. It worked really well and got me into a good position to handle the A-Frame to tunnel. That said I over handled the exit off the A-Frame and cost us too much time. I was very disciplined and trained the dog walk as I am still trying to get Zeki's performance sorted on this piece of equipment. I should mention that I did the same with Niamh and got E'd in the jumping round and ran clear in the agility. Uuuummm, where's the common denominator here?

The theme continued at Beacon with me again making a stupid mistake in the jumping round but then running clear in the agility, still with a trained dog walk and gues what, we won the class. Fantastic courses from Lee Gibson, challenging, flowing and such fun to run. I think Lee is a really excellent course designer and judge and I, for one, hope we see more of his courses.

Kizzy and Andy competed at Easter and started off their season really well, getting 2nd in G6/7 jumping.

Here is a selection of videos of our doglets at the various shows mentioned plus a couple of runs from Mid Downs right at the beginning of the season. The agility run was a qualifier and Zeki came 3rd behind Dizzy and Minx. As you'll see it was a fast course and so I was thrilled with that result. This means we've qualified for a final later in the year. I hope to keep up to date in a slightly more timely fashion but this year has been a very busy one so far!

This is the champ agility round from Beacon. Really good course and I was so thrilled to win it! I would love to have been in the final as that course was also tricky. Must try harder!

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