Thursday, 2 December 2010

More snow pictures

We had a lot more snow overnight and it's still snowing now. I'm trying to muster some enthusiasm to walk some of the dogs across the road to the fields but it's not very enjoyable as it's hard to walk. The snow is above my wellies so I'll have wear waterproof trousers over the top of my wellies. I will only take NN, Zeki and Murphy as I don't walk Becky and Poppy out in the snow (will explain why in another post) and Princess, well it just doesn't bear thinking about. She would much rather stay on my bed!

Here are some more pictures from the garden. It shows how much more snow we had overnight. It varies in the agility area as a lot of the equipment is under the oak trees but even under all that cover there is about a foot of snow. Out in the exposed parts there is a good two feet. Too much!

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  1. Well I can see you have not been practicing your contacts have you lol seriously blimey you have about x4 more than us !!!!