Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Here we go again - more snow

I know we are lucky compared with other parts of the country, especially the north east but even so more snow this year isn't very welcome. We already had a good spell of snow earlier in the year but to experience it before Christmas and in November is almost unheard of.

As usual the forecasters haven't got it quite right. We were told to expect flurries over the last 48 hours but instead we have had constant snow, some of it quite heavy and as a consequence we have a good eight inches of snow and as deep as a foot in the back garden and agility area. Unlike yesterday it isn't melting because the temperature hasn't risen above freezing today.

Pretty back garden first thing this morning

Andy clearing the driveway with his leaf blower!

Andy and Becky (in matching Hurtta jackets) about to go off to the vet ... more of that later.

The secret garden covered in snow

Zeki out in the agility area

and with Naughty Niamh .... you can see how deep the snow is. Zeki is standing not laying or sitting

Snowy startline practise!

Naughty Niamh waiting for Zeki to chase her

Niamh practising contacts!

The summer house with its new veranda - except you can't see it because of the SNOW

Another shot of Zeki in the agility area up to her chest in snow

Weaving in the snow!

Zeki practising her contacts!

Even deeper snow in the back garden as there are less trees to protect the ground.

We had a lovely play in the garden. I took Zeki and Niamh out with me and we played games and also topped up all the bird feeders. They are eating so much at the moment especially the fat slabs and balls. I like to make sure that food and water are available for the wild birds and especially so in this extreme weather. Some of different feeds I am topping up every day as they get through so much. Greedy little birds. Of course these two were following me around looking for dropped seeds but I was too efficient and they didn't get any!

It took me ages to get all the snowballs out of their fur when we came inside. Neither of them wanted to come in as they both love the snow. Kizzy quite likes it but hates it when she gets snow balls so I took pity on her today and left her sleeping on my bed.

We have had a lot more snow forecast and I really hope they have got it wrong as I don't want any more. It's fun for a bit but then it gets very tedious and everything is such an effort.

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  1. Wow that looks deeper than the begining of the year snow!
    Stay warm