Thursday, 18 March 2010

Crufts 2010

Gosh I was tired after Crufts and have only just found the energy to write up about it on the blog! I wasn't even competing, I just went along to give Andy moral support for his judging appointment.

Andy about to do go out and judge the Agility Championship Finals

I'm glad to report that all went well; I would go as far as to say extremely well in fact. The courses ran well and he got the full complement of dogs through to the finals for the smalls and mediums and just one under for the large. This was pretty good considering the starting line ups were so small in fact the large started with only ten dogs as four didn't run for a variety of reasons. The best thing was that all three tickets got awarded and they got awarded to absolutely brilliant rounds of agility. Perfect. I was very proud of Andy for doing a great job.

Several people have asked me to post the courses as even with the fantastic Crufts live TV it's quite hard to get a proper perspective of the flow of the course unless you're actually there watching it in the arena. I consider myself lucky to have been there to watch this competition as it was so exciting and of an excellent standard. I also got to watch the internationals on the Saturday and that was also of a brilliant standard.

Anyway, here are the courses:

Oh and best of all. I got some new PINK vet bed for my van. It's beautiful and very pink. For some strange reason Andy would not let me buy any for his new vehicle!


  1. well done Andy, great courses, although I can't remember that jumping one at all!...must have a look at it on youtube, unless they missed that one off the livestream?

  2. Thanks for posting the courses Nancy, will have to put them up at the field.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the champ classes on online tv. The courses were very interesting to watch and obviously proved quite a handling challenge, although they flowed really well. Andy looked so serious and important, bless him. Seriously though, excellent job! Congratulations and well done!
    best wishes

  4. I thought the champ classes were brilliant cant wait to have a go at them have copied them and hope to put at least the final one up :-)