Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Chippenham and clever Zeki

I wasn't sure about going to Chippenham as it's such a long way but I am so glad I made the effort as we had a great day both in agility terms and in seeing friends and having a thoroughly nice day!

The icing on the cake for me was Zeki winning into G4 by winning her jumping class and then coming 2nd in agility. Cat Harvey beat us with her lovely sheltie Blue. They are going to be a really stunning pair, well actually they already are! So, I still have a goal of winning an agility class with Zeki. Roll on the agility season I can't wait.

Both mine. Aren't I clever!

However, the round I thought she felt best in was her other agility class. It was a fairly easy course but with rather awkward angles onto the dog walk and A-Frame. In trying to help her onto the dog walk (obstacle #3) I actually left her too deep and she fell off. Luckily she was fine and not at all worried. We gathered up and had a good run at our second attempt and then went on to complete a really good round which I was delighted with. My nice friend filmed it on her iPhone for me. Thank you Karen.

Zeki and I ran in the pairs with Karen and Todd. I was quite nervous as Todd is G7 and a very good dog. We actually ran first over quite a tricky pattern. The start was hard for the second dog as they would be running without the benefit of a startline wait. Karen very generously let me go first. Zeki ran it like a dream, I was so proud of her. We lost a bit of time on the changeover because I was scared that Zeki would chase Todd. As it happens I don't think she would have done. I didn't see Todd run as I was busy hanging onto Zeki in the box but he must have done a really good run as well as we led the class for a long time and only got knocked down to second near the end. With the long journey home I'm sorry to say I didn't stop for the prize giving so I'm unsure if we ended up in 2nd place but whatever the result I was delighted with the run. I so enjoyed it and wanted to have another go to prove to myself it wasn't a fluke!

We were very proud of Bern with Zen and Karen with Todd getting into the champ finals. Zen went on to win so that was brilliant. I haven't seen them run so fast. It was a fast and flowing champ final so they had to go for it. They followed Jo Tristram and her lovely dog Ellie who put in a fantastic run and truth be told (for Gavin & Stacey fans) I didn't think it could be beaten. But the ever wonderful Zen had other ideas. Go the shelties.

We had a lovely day in the sunshine. I was stupid and forgot my chair so had to sit on the back of my car but apart from that everything was wonderful. Zeki looked so cute in her little bed in the back of the car but she was very quiet all day, missing her family I think! I missed running Niamh and having little Pops with me but they had a much better day at home; outside all day with Andy doing garden chores!


  1. That is just the cutest pic, she does look very pleased with herself :o) Lovely run, bet you can't wait for the season to kick off proper now!

  2. What a clever girl Zeki! Well done!

  3. Zeki looks fab, and what a great recovery. Good luck in Grade 5. Don't think you will be there for long :-)

  4. Well done Nancy oh and Zeki.

  5. Zeki is going great guns she is looking really really good,well done for your win and 2nd thanks for the pairs was good fun xx

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