Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snow and now ice

The snow is still hanging around and has been made worse by the freezing temperatures. Now we have black ice on the roads and sheet ice outside the house. It's not a good combination and quite scary just walking outside to the car.

Niamh cut her leg on the ice yesterday so I am now quite anxious about taking the dogs out today as it's actually worse than yesterday. Trouble with Niamh is that she's like a bull in a china shop and can't go anywhere slowly. She would probably do more damage if I had her on a lead as she pulls so much. I think we might be having a few games in the garden today and perhaps just a quick jaunt round the recreation ground later. It is supposed to get milder so hopefully it might start to melt.

We went to visit my Mum last night and the roads were awful. Mum was in very good spirits and extremely bright and chatty. We took Kizzy with us and she sat on Mum's bed and had a good cuddle. She is a very good PAT dog. Mum wanted to keep her which makes me feel really sad as it shows how much she misses her doglets. On the way home we popped into Leah and Jay's for a cup of tea and a cuddle with the puppies. They are gorgeous. I am very very glad they are not red and white!

We came home really slowly and rarely out of 3rd gear as there was so much black ice on the road. My car slid a few times so I was glad I was driving really slowly. Most people were doing the same, just the odd nutter who probably ended up in a ditch. I'm not sure which was the best choice, the main roads which were covered in black ice or the back lanes which were still covered in snow but less traffic.

By the time we let the dogs out before bed time, it was absolutely freezing and we had horrible freezing fog to go with it. Ghastly.

Poppy and Kizzy sleep in our bedroom at night, well and most of the day as well if I'm honest! The other four are very hard done by and sleep in the cosy warm kitchen with a choice of just seven beds. We normally have the older dogs in our room and so I'm not quite sure how Kizzy qualifies for this privilege. When I ask Andy this he just stares at me and says it's because she is a Princess.

Anyway, when it's cold I like to make sure Poppy is tucked up in her little bed. Luckily she loves being under cover and so this is how she goes to sleep and how she wakes up. Princess doesn't like to be covered but she does sleep with her two bed time toys: Wilson and Wainright. There is hardly any room for her in her bed but that's the way she likes it. She normally hops up on our bed at about 6.00 am but prefers to sleep in her own bed during the night.

Here they are from last night.

Why are you taking more photos of me?

I can't be bothered, I'm going to sleep!

Poppy all tucked up, cosy and warm

The back garden this morning, still a bit of snow and now frozen solid

Not much snow left in the front but it is completely frozen and not very nice to walk on!

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  1. Crikey, poor NN, hope the ice goes soon. Have a fabulous Christmas.