Thursday, 3 December 2009

Naughty Niamh at training

On a Thursday we train at Leah's and I took some photos of Naughty Niamh a couple of week's back. She loves her evening at Chafford Farm and watches the other dogs from her vantage point on the mounting block. I find this to be the only way she will stay. I can't get her to do this on the ground as she just creeps out plus the sand is quite deep and she ends up swallowing it as she plays with her ball. Up here she is out of the way and can't eat the sand.

She knows the drill and takes herself back to her "bed" as I call it after we've finished playing at the end of each sequence. I'm not sure why I call it her bed but she understands it!

Playing with her beloved ball on a rope

Performing tricks to get her ball!

Getting ready to watch Becca and Kit run. Ha ha, Becca tried to hide from the camera but I was too quick!

Waiting for her turn!


  1. ...That's so funny, that's what I do with Red, but she has to be on top of the picnic table and she doesn't bark there either! least it's our picnic table and no one gets to see her up there!

  2. Ha bless her little heart she is such a GOOD girl now :-) xx