Monday, 21 September 2009

UKA at Apps Court Farm, Walton on Thames

I decided to go to UKA on Friday, mainly because I wanted to do a bit of training on the dog walk. I'm really glad I went as it was a nice day and I took the dogs for a lovely walk around the big exercise field.

My mind was very much on Zeki and this meant that I was hopeless with poor Niamh. I didn't get her clear round any of her courses and felt quite depressed on this front. I really hoped this wouldn't become the norm!

Zeki was great. Her confidence had grown immensely and we managed 2nd in our first novice steeplechase (she won out of the beginners steeplechase at the UKA week show) and we also achieved 2nd place in the Beginners Jumping. I opted to train her agility run and Leah helped me with her target. It was all going well until she took a horrible tumble off the dog walk but was unhurt and so we tried again and luckily she bounced back with no problems.

I took Zaz along with me for the day out and she had lots of outings round the rings as well as joining my three on their walk. Needless to day I had Zaz on a harness and about six leads (only joking!) She was very cross that she was on an extender lead as she wanted to chase Zeki.

All in all a lovely day, I really do enjoy the UKA shows.

Zaz looking cute in the top deck with Zeki on the lower deck!

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