Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A lovely walk at the Witterings

I have heard of the Witterings as my friends often walk there. Bernadette suggested we go for a walk there during the week after the KC Festival. So on the Thursday off we went for our first taste of this lovely place. It was very windy so that meant the beach was almost deserted.

I took Murphy, Poppy and Zeki and Bernadette brought just Itzy. I can't take Becky to the seaside because she drinks the sea water and makes herself really ill. I wasn't sure how busy it would be so decided against taking Naughty Niamh as she can be a bit of a handful and Kizzy was just too tired!

We had a lovely time and Poppy was in her element as she loves the water. Here are some pictures from our time at the seaside:

Ears Utd

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  1. Love the ears united picture I LOVE this walk glad you liked it too :-) x