Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Dordale, Vyne and the new caravan

Gosh we're only just into the season and already I'm exhausted!

We had a great time at Dordale and Vyne. The new caravan was brilliant. It was so nice just being able to fall into bed last thing without making up the benches. So much easier with all the dogs. They were very approving of their new quarters. Some of them sleep on our beds when we're sitting in the caravan and then when we go to bed we swap places.

At night Niamh, Murphy and Becky occupy the front benches. Poppy has her little furry bed down between our beds and we each have a sheltie sleeping on the end of our bed. Very satisfactory.

Who are you looking at?

Princess Perfect Paws

Poppy in her new sitting room

Murphy and Becky lounging on Andy's new bed

Naughty Niamh with Mr Prongo her suckle toy

This is bliss

Agility-wise, well it was another mixed weekend. First off Andy and Kizzy. They had some great runs and bagged their first win towards Grade 7. They won the G1-7 agility at Dordale and also got a 3rd and 4th. At Vyne they got 2nd in G5-6 agility and 3rd in G6-7 jumping. All in all pretty good. Andy was just behind Amy and Fudge's time in the G5-6 agility which is really encouraging as Amy really went for it in this round. It paid off as it was her fourth win and into G7.

Niamh was brilliant all weekend; sadly her partner was not. We achieved 3rd in G6 agility on Sunday at Dordale but that was it (not that I'm disappointed with that place!) We had several nearly runs with me making one stupid error in each run. This continued at Vyne so I am hoping my brain is working better for Tunbridge Wells!

Zeki had some good training sessions around the rings and we practised queueing for Andy and Kizzy. All in all pretty good. She is much better than she was as long as I pay attention and work with her. If I stop to chat then that's it, she entertains herself by barking and bouncing ringside. It must be me because Niamh is like this as well, Poppy is a handful and so was Bess. The only dog that behaved was Abbey, she just had no interest in watching other dogs at all. She was a bit like Kizzy really, fell asleep ringside and then woke up on the start line! I do miss Abbey so much, she was like my little shadow.

We were so tired after Vyne. I had decided to do very little training with Niamh but was looking forward to training Zeki. That wasn't to be as Zeki got stung (again) and I had to wizz her off to the vet for a jab. Her nose was very fat by the time we got there but she is fine now, thankfully. I didn't go training so Andy and Leah shared taking the classes. Hardly anyone came so it was a very early finish.

We're off to Ardingly early so that Andy can mark out the rings. I am looking forward to another weekend in the new caravan and also to seeing Jackie and Terry who are coming for their first trip out in the caravan.


  1. Well done Andy and Kizzy!! Great results!

    The new caravan looks just lovely. Very comfortable indeed! Camping with great style :-)

    Hope Zeki is ok after her nasty sting. It's so frightening when that happens! :-/

  2. You have the layout I want..single beds up one end . What make is it Nancy? I may just have to come over at Tunbridge and have a

  3. Sounds like you have a really fun season in store and a fancy new caravan to enjoy it in too! lol