Friday, 13 March 2009

Some nice walks

A few pictures from some nice walks I've had recently. Some are of all the dogs and others just my three. Andy is trying to walk his own dogs at least two or three times a week as part of his campaign to get over his injury. These were clean walks but then the rain came back and it got a bit muddy again. Today isn't too bad so I'm just off for a walk now. Hopefully they'll be reasonably clean when we get back.

Down stay on a slope!

I love this picture of Poppy, she look so cute

I love these three photos of Niamh (below)

The above photo makes me laugh. Kizzy had a ball and Murf and Pops are stalking her!

Now Zeki has the ball and Murphy and Kizzy chase her down!


  1. love the photo of Kizzy being stalked. She looks like the pied piper, lol

  2. All the pictures are lovely, looks like youve had some great walks lately x

  3. Is it the same in your household?? Throw a tennis ball and although all the collies run for it, it's always the little dogs that get there first!! Poor Mac gets very frustrated when we're out with the cockers, he's so fast and powerful chasing it down that he just can't stop and turn quite as quickly as them and they always swipe it from under his nose! Of course, when he does actually get it he gets hounded all the way back by everyone hanging off his neck or biting his ankles (poor lad has the patience of a saint!)...Mac likes it best when it's just me, him and the chucker! :)

  4. Yes, pretty much the same. Our two little girls always end up with the toy! I don't that often throw toys as I'm always worried about injuries. My dogs tend to carry the toys and play amongst themselves. It's not at all uncommon for the shelties to just run up to the collies and take the toys away! They are like little termites!