Sunday, 8 March 2009

Happy first birthday Zeki

Happy birthday to my gorgeous Zeki. I cannot believe she is a year old today. Exactly one year ago it seemed that there would be no sheltie puppy for me at that particular time. But things worked out so that I ended up getting my longed for sheltie and she is a very special little person.

From conversations I've had with people during the past year it seems that quite a few think I wanted a sheltie purely due to falling in love with Andy's little Kizzy. It is true that I adore Kizzy but those who know me well also know that I have wanted a sheltie for a very very long time. Border collies are my passion and always will be but I have always loved shelties too. I spent most of my childhood longing for a dog and it was always a border collie I wanted as I had spent so much time on the farm in Wales with them. I got bitten, bullied and chased by border collies but nothing could put me off and I would never be without one.

But I also loved the rough collies on the farm and when I later came across a sheltie I assumed it was a scaled down collie and fell in love with the breed. Ginnie was my introduction to shelties. She was a sweet little sable sheltie owned by the lady who ran the local dog training club which I joined when I got my very first dog, Lizzie. Ginnie was a very good obedience dog and I just loved her attitude and appearance; I decided then that, one day, I would have one of these lovely dogs. Over twenty years later along came Zeki and boy was she was worth waiting for!

She is such a character. Rather loud at times yes, but oh so loving and loyal and possibly the cuddliest dog I've ever owned. She is very much my dog. She adores Andy but it's very plain that I am her person and that makes me very happy!

I bought Zeki a beautiful Holly & Lil collar for her birthday whilst I was up at Crufts but we have to wait about a month for delivery as they are making it to order for me.

Happy Birthday to Zeki's brothers and sister:
Zev, Zega & Zinna!

Zeki on her birthday walk!


  1. Happy Birthday gorgeous, naughty, noisy Zeki.

  2. Happy first birthday Zeki with much love from karen and the gang with special woofs and licks from Todd and Yazoo xxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday to the lovely Zeki!! Love Louise, Paul, Smudge, Mannix and gang! X

  4. Happy Birthday, Zeki, from Zevy x

  5. Happy Belated birthday to Zeki - and I cant wait to see your new collar - I need to find one for Soda with music notes :o)