Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Fire place - final instalment

The fire place frenzy continued all of last week. Andy finished work at about 10.00 pm on Thursday evening which gave the fire place a day or so to dry out before he and Al fitted the wood burner.

The finished job with new york stone hearth.

Here is a picture of Al hard at work on Saturday (this was at 2.00 pm) and Bernadette and Dennis were due to arrive at about 7.00 pm! I really didn't think we'd be ready. Poor Al was up the chimney on a ladder on Saturday morning pushing the liner down the chimney. It was absolutely pouring with rain and he got soaked. I am very pleased with the end result, it's such an improvement on the previous fireplace methinks!

Al having a sleep in the fireplace!

Hurrah - the final touch my lovely wood burner in place!

It was nice to see Dennis and Bernadette and we had a good evening which finished rather late. Poor Dennis had to get up early to drive all the way to Stansted where he was booked on a photography course. I think he really enjoyed the course despite the late night. They bought us a really nice house warming present which is very apt for our household in more ways than one!

Isn't it lovely!

On Sunday morning I have to confess I had a very small headache from half a glass of red wine too many! Drinking Red Wine

I was booked on a training day but luckily it was an afternoon session so I was just about fit by then! I had a great time. Dennis McCaulay was the trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed the session; he is an excellent trainer with a great eye for detail and a great sense of humour. Niamh and I were exhausted at the end of the session and I can't wait to book on another of his courses.

It was quite a cold afternoon and it was lovely to get home and sit in front of the warm stove, I am just so pleased it's done in time for Christmas!


  1. That is a very nice fireplace, it makes me feel warm by looking at it!

  2. The fireplace looks lovely and the hudsons soap is cool ! kx

  3. Love the fireplace and burner Nancy - Andy's done a fab job on it. Hx

  4. O & a wood burner too - jelly belly now!
    That's a gr8 pressie where r u gonna put it?