Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crufts 2012 Gallery Part I

Here are some photos of Zeki from the Crufts Championship classes by Ian Watts Photography.

I have more photos coming and will post them in Part II.   It's lovely to have these fantastic photos as a memento of our first Crufts together.

Love these two photos of Zeki taking the wall.  She picks up my rear cross so beautifully and takes the wall already turning and looking for the weaves which were the next obstacle on this course.  I love how she is looking for the weaves even from behind a solid obstacle like this.  She is quiet as she is figuring out the pattern but as she completes the turn and sees her target obstacle she has to bark for joy!

Very pointy finger in action! 

Beautiful girl in full flow 

Haha, love this one with no legs on the dog walk.  Zeki is flying!  Rare sighting of Zeki with her mouth completely closed ......

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  1. great shots and as you say great memories too. Well done again xx