Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The summer garden in pictures

Our lovely garden from the summer in pictures.  We have done a lot this year with Julie helping us with the border and the rockery; Al sorting out the hideous tip that was the very top of the agility area and putting up post and rail fencing. We finally got round to putting some planters in the front which have been really lovely and colourful.   As you can see my planting theme is mainly pink ...... would you expect anything else!

Reg, one of Michael & Ellen's cats hiding in the undergrowth

Only taken four years to put this little hanging basket up, it's been sitting in the yard since we moved here

Brought the above planter from my Mum's house before it was sold.  Every time I come into the drive I see it and think of her.  She loved her garden.  There used to be two but one of them had a bit of an argument with my sister when she was reversing her car .... enough said, Sal!!  So we bought the planter below to go opposite.

The border in full bloom

The border and the repaird bird house (Andy makes these from scratch)

Part of the new rockery above and below

Above and below the reclaimed area at the top of the agility area ready for seeding

Our runner beans which were delicious

Above and below the new post and rail fencing sectioning off the agility area.  Al and Andy did this and I'm very pleased with the result!

Some of my planters on the decking area

The garden wall after Andy gave the Russian Vine a bit of a haircut

Above and below, apple picking!

Just for the sake of comparison, here are a couple of photos: one is of the long border last summer, very full but mainly of green stuff very little colour at all; the other is of the top end of the agility area, a real mess.

However, a good excuse to post a picture of my dear little Abbey, we didn't have her for much longer after the above photo was taken.  She was so precious and I still get a lump in my throat whenever I look at a picture of her.  So, for the heck of it here's another photo of my oh so special girl.

Abbey 'Karrider Kwik Step' - my dog of a life time who I still miss very very much


  1. Your garden is looking amazing, and I love the pictures of Abbey Xx