Monday, 4 July 2011

Tidey at twelve weeks

I can't believe that Tidey has been with us for five weeks now. She is just the most gorgeous puppy and I love having her around.

The week before last Leah and I went to Bernadette's to do some training exercises for the EO and I took Tidey along. She had a wonderful time in Bernadette's garden whilst we had lunch. I was also able to do some restrained recalls with her in the agility paddock. All good for her!

Last week marked the completion of Tidey's jabs and she was able to go out and about for her first walks. I am taking her with Poppy so that she has company but calm company. I never walk my puppies with my other dogs because I don't want them to get knocked over, learn bad habits or key into the other dogs too much which can create bad habits, particularly with collies in terms of herding and barging etc. Poppy is the perfect nursemaid as she is very calm and friendly with people and other dogs and sets an excellent example for Tidey. Having Poppy makes Tidey much more confident as we approach new things because Pops just takes everything in her stride. This time of year when it's so hot, it's also good for Poppy as we don't go quite as far as with the other dogs so it's perfect for young and old to walk together.

I took Kizzy along one day which was fun but exhausting as Kizzy kept playing with Tidey and I was getting very tangled in the extender lead!

We have been taking our trick training outside as the weather has been nice and have started work on various co-ordination and balance exercises using ladders, peanut exercise ball and wobble boards. She loves these games and it will be good when I get my extra large peanut ball from the states which Bernadette has ordered for me! We have also been practising our go rounds using a cone.

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