Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Kizzy

Where has the time gone. Our beautiful little Kizzy is four years old today. Here she is unwrapping her present. It seemed the right thing to give her a proper wrapped present as her biggest thrill is shredding wrapping paper. We love her so much.

Here are some pictures of our 'Princess' doing what she loves best:

Birthday wishes to Kizzy's litter mates: Oz, Zoe and Whizz


  1. Happy Birthday Kizzy!!! What a perfect princess she turned out to be :)

    I cannot believe how fast time is going....it seems like only yesterday that I was reading your blog and Kizzy had just come home!! Scary how time flies!!!

  2. It is hard to believe that Zen's puppies are 4 years old! Happy Birthday Kizzy!