Monday, 31 August 2009

Zeki spayed :o(

The week before Burridge little Zeki was spayed. As always I dreaded this being done but I'm glad now that it's all over.

Once again I came away singing the praises of our new vet and his practice. They called me about forty minutes before Zeki was due into the surgery and I took her in at the agreed time. She was weighed and the paperwork was completed and then through we went. No pre-med instead you go through with your animal and stay with them until they fall asleep. Then it's back to the waiting room for a cup of coffee whilst surgery is undertaken. Once Zeki was fully awake I could take her home. So, we left home at 12.45 pm and were home just after 3.00 pm with a sleepy little dog. Such a stress free experience for the animals under the circumstances.

Her scar was tiny with internal dissolving stitches. She showed no interest in her wound at all and so didn't have to wear a hood of any sort. She had the rest of the day feeling woozey and was quite sleepy the following day which was good. However, the next day she was back to normal and it became quite a challenge to keep her quiet. Not a bit like Kizzy who was "traumatised" by the experience for a full two weeks afterwards!

Her first outing was later that week to Burridge show. Our parking spot was ideal to do some suitably quiet training. We were right on the edge of the parking overlooking the service road and the ring so there were lots of dogs and children running past as well as the agility action. We worked on Zeki not lunging or barking as children ran past and it was really helpful. We were behind an orange netting barrier so it meant that she was safe and I could practise things with her off lead.

Here is the poor little soul when she got home from her operation. Andy was very kind and decamped for a week to the spare room so that Zeki could sleep in her little bed next to my pillow.

That was four weeks ago last Monday and now we are going to come back to training in the hope that we will be ready for our first KC show in just two weeks' time. I can't believe the time is nearly here and am very excited. We just have to nail that dog walk!


  1. Poor Zeki, although she looks a bit smug unlike for Kizzy who looked as if the end of the world had come :)

  2. Ah poor Zeki. But she certainly didn't look any worse for the experience by KC!! I wish I could find a vet like yours - they sound amazing!!! :))

    Can't wait to see her first KC run. Mannix has his first run soon time flies!

    P.S I LOVE the 'ears united' picture! Hahaha!