Monday, 15 June 2009

Boot Camp

Boot Camp was incredibly hard work but lots of fun. I am so glad we put in the hours beforehand working on organisation and class structure etc - it really paid off to have everything running smoothly during the long weekend. We got lots of lovely feedback and I think everyone went home very tired and happy after a good time. We are lucky with the venue as it provides a lovely walk, a clubhouse where we could cook and eat and onsite showers and toilets. I think people enjoyed the whole experience as they could relax between and after training and take all their dogs for nice walks.

Andy and Jay were brilliant in their support of the event. They both took lots of time out to help us build the rings (including mowing the area where the rings were to be sited) and each evening they came back and built the courses for the following day. That was a blessing as after each day's Boot Camp the last thing we wanted to be doing was building courses. Thanks to them both and also to Vicky, Liza and Paula all of whom helped keep us going when we were flagging!

Here are some pictures from the Boot Camp weekend, hopefully some more to follow in due course.

Catching up on some zzzzz's


  1. Congratulations for a successful Boot Camp, shamed that I have to miss that. Hoepfully you will have another one planning? Love all the pictures, preceless!

  2. Had such a great time and can't wait for the next one.

  3. Zev and Rivi said that sounds great, can they come next year