Thursday, 4 September 2008

Summer Show, Dordale, Letchworth & Trent Park

Phew, almost up to date.

I didn't like the Summer show which was held at Ely. I'm sure it would have been better if we'd been in the main field with the rings but because we weren't helpers we were put in the back field which was surrounded by housing and right next to the leisure centre. Loads of public wandering around and kids playing on motorcyles etc. Not my idea of fun. We had to lock the dogs in the car whenever we left them. Niamh was a good girl and got 2nd in the G6 jumping and had a nearly round in the agility but I pulled her off the A-Frame. If I recall the A-Frame and move to soon she strides over so I must do more training of this. Kizzy had a 4th in the Eukanuba qualifier but blew out on her graded classes.

We only did one day of the summer show (Friday) and in the evening off we went to Dordale. This was a gorgeous venue up on hill with panoramic views across the valley. The classes were great and I got some good places with Naughty Niamh but still not the elusive 1st place in G6. Kizzy had three wins at Dordale, one of them being a G1-7 agility so Andy was very pleased with that. Kizzy qualified into G5 at this show which was Andy's goal. Back to the friendly rivalry between Andy and Neil - they are very supportive of each other but also have a good competition going to see who can win most in one day/weekend. Dordale was Andy's show but look out at Chippenham/Gillingham - Bex is going very well!

We absolutely loved Dordale and will go again. I had one bad experience which involved a very stupid person who was using a spray collar on their dog at ringside. Niamh freaked and I was very cross and had a row with the man's wife. I still ran my dog because I didn't want to impose on the person behind me in the queue - had I only known it was the person with the spray collar so I should have let him run. I ran the round really badly and it was a course I really fancied. Hey ho! Saturday night was rather sleepless due to an all night rave somewhere in the valley. It was very noisy and most people were very tired on the Sunday as they hadn't slept well.

Letchworth was great. Lovely show with loads of different trade stands. I have been getting very anxious about winning a G6 with Niamh and it was starting to spoil our enjoyment so I decided to back off for the rest of the season and instead concentrate on getting my contacts really solid ready for Olympia. She has, as always, responded brilliants and her contacts are the best ever. I semi-trained a G6 agility at Letchworth (just the A-Frame and Dog Walk) and ended up 4th. I was really pleased with the contacts but couldn't help wishing I'd gone a bit faster, I didn't expect to end up 4th with such solid contacts in a G6 class!

Andy spent quite a few classes working on Kizzy's contacts. They have gone a little OTT shall we say. She's doing them great at home and at training but this hasn't quite transferred to the ring. Much work for the winter is required. I believe Dennis has a very good shot of her orbiting from the dog walk!! Kizzy did win a jumping class at Letchworth to make up for all the agility rounds that Andy trained!

We came 2nd in the mini/mixi pairs at Letchworth which hopefully might give us enough points for Crufts, we have to wait and see.

We travelled home Saturday afternoon and on Sunday went to Trent Park. I really enjoyed this show despite getting three eliminations. Andy got 11th in the Eukanuba qualifer and won his jumping class. This brought her total number of wins in Kizzy's first season to 20! What a good little thing she is.

Niamh did a lovely G6 agility but I was too complacent about a wrong end of tunnel after the weaves. The gap seemed large so I thought Niamh would just follow me to the wrong end but she didn't and went in the wrong end of the tunnel. It was a shame as there weren't many clears as a tricky choice of jumps after the dog walk was catching out a lot of people. Because I was training Niamh's dog walk it wasn't a problem and the rest of her round was so neat. Never mind.

In her G6 jumping we had a lot of fun. Toni and I bet each other on who could get a front cross in after a long run down hill. I think we were both mad as there was no way but I was so stubborn. I'm not sure who got E'd more, me or Toni but we both made a pig's ear of it. I can't remember who won the bet - it must have been me. Mand had a go with Jag and actually made the front cross but it caused Jag to have the pole down. Then Karen went with Jess and very wisely put in a rear cross and ended up coming 2nd! Well done.

That's about it for now. We're off on holiday to the New Forest for two weeks. I think it's going to be very wet but I'm still going to enjoy it! I have some video of other runs and will put that on the blog after the hols. Right now no more time left!

Here are some lovely pictures of Niamh which Jay took at Dordale. She is my gorgeous girl.


  1. ha ha I could not make the last rear cross !! so credit for you guys for trying,(note to self loose a good few more pounds!!) and I know I used to sell spray collars but they are my total nightmare for CORRIE as she freaks at the sound, they are to be used on a one to one not in PUBLIC, so come one people just think before you spray not all dogs like these :0> (lecture over !!)

  2. Gosh! Even you two must need a rest from Agility!!!
    Have a lovely holiday, but don't forget the waterproofs.
    See you soon