Thursday, 12 April 2007

Fun at Easter

We had a lovely time at the Easter Celebration agility show at Ardingly. The weather was glorious and the company was excellent! We camped with our usual crowd and also Berndatte, Dennis and the shelties. Mostly they were quiet, sometimes they were not ....... only joking!

Bernadette collected rather a large number of Easter eggs with Zen and Hex and kindly donated two of these to our household at the end of the weekend due to our not winning any of our own. We really must improve!

Murphy and Andy had an 'almost' weekend with two cracking rounds on the Sunday incurring only 5 faults in each which is some feat for Murphy. Here are a couple of photos of him in action courtesy of our friend Lynn Sheridan who has taken some brilliant pictures of our dogs for us.

Poppy was ten years old on Good Friday and Dennis took some lovely photos of her at Ardingly. I'll post one of these in due course.

Meantime here are some action shots of Poppy at the show again courtesy of Lynn. They are great photos and illustrate Poppy's energy and enthusiasm for the sport which hasn't diminished at all. She is still a joy to work and I always feel exhilarated when running her even if we don't do well.

As for Kizzy, well she had the best time ever. She played with her fellow shelties (Kodak, Hob-b, Zen, Hex and the lovely Todd), she paraded round the rings, she played in our little garden, she rampaged in the caravan and she watched the horse parade on Easter Monday. We have never seen her so tired. She has decided that she'd like to live at agility shows as they are much more fun than being at home.

Here are a couple of pictures taken by Dennis showing Kizzy enjoying herself to the full. The first is Kizzy and Kodak (Mandy's puppy) and the other with Kodak and Bernadette's Hob-b. We love this picture as it shows three colours of sheltie having a good time!

Other news:

Mum is improving very slowly and it looks likely that we've secured her a bed in the local cottage hospital once she's fit enough to be moved. She has a very long journey ahead but compared with how she was a month ago, things are looking really good.

We're off to Shuttleworth tomorrow and it looks like it's going to be another fine weekend.

Will do our best to get some video and photos of the naughty sheltie!

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  1. glad that your mums improving and brilliant pictures of all the dogs murphey is just so cool !! sheltie pictures are brilliant too !! just one extremely handsome chap missing lol lol :0)